A young girl 13 years of age was arrested after an overnight hit-and-run crash in Hamilton’s downtown.

Police were called to the intersection of Main Street and John Street just after midnight early Thursday morning, responding to a collision between a Toyota Highlander and a Toyota sedan. The SUV reportedly ran a red light before crashing into the car.

The driver of the car was unharmed, and police say the SUV drove off.

Officers located a licence plate from the Highlander and tried to contact the registered owner of the vehicle without success.

Just before 2 AM Thursday, police found the SUV in a residential area on the mountain and arrested the teenager for failing to remain at the scene of the accident.

Another girl, also 13-years-old, was also in the vehicle.

According to police, the registered owner was not aware his daughter had taken the SUV.

Due to lack of evidence, police were unable to identify exactly who was operating the Highlander at the time of the crash, and ticketed the daughter for driving without a licence. She is scheduled to appear at court for June 7.

Police say both teens were reported as missing at the time of the investigation and were returned to their respective homes.

Source: Global News